In Search of Green Hair Clips

Green is a wonderful color and nearly everyone looks good in it and this is why it is great to have green hair clips in your dresser. Whether your outfit is Kelly green, forest green or lime green, you are sure to find a hair accessory to match.

Not Just for Little Girls

Hair accessories are not just for little girls. Women of all ages are entitled to wear something pretty and fun in their hair. Why should the little ones have all the fun? Hair bows and clips look cute in the hair of little girls, but having a colorful hair clip in a woman’s hair can add a sense of fun to an otherwise ho-hum hair-do. Aside from serving a practical purpose of holding the hair in place, a green hair clip can provide some pizzazz and color to any outfit.

Where to Find Hair Clips In Stores

Hair clips, whether green, yellow, red, gold or silver can be found almost everywhere. Nearly any retailer that sells clothing will also sell hair accessories and jewellery. You are bound to find attractive hair pins, clips, barrettes and head bands at ASDA, Charlotte Russe, Claire’s, Forever 21 and stores like Boots and Marks Spencer.

Hair Clips Online

There are many places online that you can find hair clips. Online shops such as ebuni.com, lady2b.com, JJeShopping, and glitz4girlz.com offer a wide array of hair accessories of all types. You can order online through Marks Spencer, ASDA and Boots, as well. While a majority of hair clips are inexpensive, there are some that can run as high as £9.00 for clips with crystals and beads. Here are a few other prices that we found:

  • Antique style daisy clip: £6.00
  • Green Crystal star clip 3.5cm by 4cm: £8.50
  • Green oval stones: £3.49
  • Glitter hair clips, set of 3: £2.49
  • Flowers clips, pair: £1.10
  • Green leather flower: £2.55

Wearing hair accessories is an easy way to liven up an outfit. If you decide to wear green hair clips with a cool green frock, you’ll be set for the day.

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