Are you Looking for Grecian Style Jewellery?

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The beautiful, romantic, ornate and intricate Grecian style jewellery as relaunched by Joaquin Phoenix's empress in Gladiator wowed fashion lovers around the world. We had never really considered this style before but the unique and sophisticated look it portrayed without the overtop extravagance we were used to in accessories stuck in our minds.

Grecian style jewellery has infiltrated everything. You can buy Greek style headbands, necklaces, bangles, cuffs, rings, bracelets and arm-lets. It is a very common choice for a soon-to-be bride and with its discreet yet powerful nature Grecian style jewellery will stay in fashion for many seasons to come.

The UK fashion website, ASOS, carries a huge range of Grecian style jewellery. ASOS go all the way and offer every accessory caught in the net of Grecian style jewellery. Probably their most impressive one at eh moment is their 'Grecian Style 3 Leaf Crown Headband'. It is divine. See this is the thing about Grecian style jewellery: you get away with a 'crown' and yet it couldn't be any further away from gaudy or over-the-top. This band goes around the head and has one narrow band extending back down the middle of the hairline. As evident by its name - it is composed of rows of three leafed diamanté gems. It's currently sold out - no wonder as it only cost £8!

When taking Grecian style a bit more seriously and not shopping in places like Primark, H&M, Zara, TopShop or River Island you can take your cash to Ruby Lane. Ruby Lane supplies an enormous range of antique and vintage jewellery. One grecian style piece of jewellery they are currently selling is a vintage pin with two red garnets, two diamonds and 14 Karat white gold. This fine art pin from Grecian style jewellery costs $495.

So there you have it from mainstream to antique stream and from casual wear to bridal wear - Grecian style jewellery is to die for.

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