Great finds on winter clothes

With winter just around the corner, it is time to start stocking up on nice winter clothes. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a bind, both physically and financially. Winter clothes are always available, and with it still being the off season, you could buy a whole wardrobe right now and at sale prices!

Websites to Check

It is so much fun shopping for winter clothes! Finding cardigan sweaters and soft fleece scarves to curl up with is so nice, not to mention being able to mix outfits in two or three layers. If you act now, you can still find sale prices all over the Internet. Here are some sites to scour through:

  • orvis.co.uk
  • ukleatherjackets.co.uk
  • raindrops.co.uk
  • houseoffraser.co.uk
  • arcticoutdoor-co-uk

Outdoor Ware

At Arctic Outdoor you can find men’s winter hunting gear such as camo suits, jackets, and accessories, and premium boots. Sale items include JahtiJaht high camo boots, which dropped from £254.73 to £195.95, a JahtiJaht Premium 2011 suit that dropped from £388.70 to £299.00, and a JahtiJaht Classic Suit which dropped from £246.75 to £189.95. Also, several of the sites listed above have great deals on skiing and other types of winter sports wear.

Amazing Prices

Houseoffraser.co.uk offers a selection of winter clothes for men, women, and children with low prices and free delivery for every purchase over £50. Raindrops.co.uk is the best of these sites to go to if you are looking for winter clothes for your children. With prices of £39.95, £60.00, and £52.00 for thick winter coats and jackets, you couldn’t hope for a better deal. Lastly, ukleatherjackets.co.uk is running an ‘end of summer sale’ on their leather jackets. With the chance to get a nice new leather jacket for just £99.00, who could refuse? Just another reason to start shopping for winter clothes now before fall sets in.

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