Where to buy gore tex ski jackets

Gore tex ski jackets are light weight, waterproof and breathable. Gore tex is a man made fibre that has been especially designed to give great results in wet or damp air, especially when you are likely to be very active.

Nobody likes to exercise in the rain or snow whilst having to wear a thick rubbery jacket or dense plastic one that does not allow the body to breathe. This results in a lot of sweat and moisture on the inside of your coat and can be very uncomfortable and irritable.

This is where gore tex ski jackets are designed to operate best. The fabric allows moisture from the body to leave whilst keeping the rain and snow out.


Where to buy

Gore tex ski jackets are becoming increasingly popular and are available in a number of places.

If you are shopping on the high street, then you can look in sports shops such as JD Sports, JJB Sports, Allsports, or in outdoor pursuits shops such as Millets or Jesons. All of these shops have a range of gore tex ski jackets available at a range of prices.

The advantage of looking in a shop is that you can try on the jackets to see which ones fit best and look great on. Sometimes the best place to look though is online.

Online shops have the advantage of being fully stocked throughout the year and usually have a bigger variety of stock available. High street shops tend not to have any winter wear available out of season.

The first place you could start looking is on the gore tex website (gore-tex.com). Other places include specialist ski equipment shops such as Al Trec (altrec.com), Ski Wear 2 Go (skiwear2go.co.uk), and Simply Piste (simplypiste.com) among many others.

One last place you could look, particularly if you don't mind second hand clothes is Amazon (amazon.co.uk) or Ebay (ebay.co.uk). You can usually find some great deals here.

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