Gordon Gekko: fashion icon?

It might seem a little perverse, that with 'barbeque weather' on its way (aka any temperature above freezing, we're not fussy), that fashion honchos suddenly announce that it's essential to wear...pinstripes. Yes, the piece of clothing we'd least like to put on our bodies, with (in our heads at least) the sun shining and rose wine glinting in those mammoth glasses we're told by doctors never to order.

Anyway, Vogue tells us to '...impart some Wall Street gravitas to your wardrobe with investment-worthy pinstripes. Watch your style stock go up by teaming with unexpected floaty floral silk dresses, as seen at Roberto Cavalli, or Dustbowl era tea dresses à la Ralph Lauren...merge the look into your weekend wardrobe and wear with roughed-up denim and a classic T-shirt.'

Blame the recession, blame Wall Street 2 coming to the cinema, blame climate change. Just don't blame us, we're just the fashion conduits.

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