Goodbye moobs

A brand new underwear range was launched yesterday, to help men keep their beer bellies and moobs in check. A long-term favourite with women, underwear brand Spanx has now launched a men’s range, writes Metro.

It’s always seemed a trifle unfair that whilst girls have an assortment of secret weapons to hide their imperfections, men just had to accept their lot. Hence bellies hanging over trousers and of course the much-dreaded moobs, have become de riguer on our country’s streets. The new range from Spanx is made to be worn under clothing, and is designed to ‘firm and flatten’, holding everything in place.

The American founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely, told Metro: ‘We applied our 10 years of knowledge and expertise in compression fabrics and transforming the body to this first-of-its-kind collection for men.’ So if you want your man to go from incredible bulk to Incredible Hulk in a matter of seconds, get him down to Selfridges lickety split.

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