Good God, she looks about 16!

The new Dolce and Gabanna campaign pictures have just been released. Yet again they depict Madonna, playing up to her ancestry, in trad Italian poses - feeding the chickens watched by a smouldering hunk, lying on a bed with a baby, and in a family portrait surrounded by matriarchal figures, oh, and more hot models. If we were Italian, we'd be feeling a mite patronised by these shots, as shiny and pretty as they are...

However, condescending cultural portrayals aside, what really grabs our attention in these shots is, of course Madonna, and her bizarrely de-aging face. Okay, so the lady drinks juice shots, exercises obsessively, and might have tinkered with her face surgically. But for heavens sake, she looks like a teenager. In the shot where Madge dandles a baby on her lap, she almost looks too young to be a mother - considering she's 51, this is, frankly, verging on insanity.

So, in summary - nice shots, D and G, but give the airbrushing a rest, won't you?

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