About golf shoes uk


The top brands in the golf shoes market place are Nike and Adidas. These sports brands sponsor some of the top names in the game, such as Tiger Woods for Nike. It is unsurprising, therefore, that they are very popular. In the UK, however, the brand Sturburt is also popular thanks to the sponsorship of the European Darren Clarke.


The range of golf shoes available is mind blowing. The quality of shoe you obtain will be dependent on the money you have to spend. Beginner level, intermediate and pro level all differ in what they provide the user.


The latest light weight materials are used to ensure comfort. The materials also allow the foot to breath, meaning the shoe can be moulded closer to the foot than prior. Only one piece of material is often used to also increase comfort levels.

Prices, Golf Shoes UK

The price range of shoes starts from thirty pounds in most stores and goes up to around one hundred pounds. Shopping online is obviously the best option because considerable bargains can be had if you know where to look. Do some digging, explore, and you will not be disappointed in what you find.

Game Time

A golf shoe really can effect your game and score. Feeling strong and balanced on your feet can give you more confidence and stability on those big drives off the tee. Taking any unintended movement of the feet our of the equation. On occasions that you must explore off the fairway, you will be confident under foot.

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