About golf shoes

Old And New

Long gone are the days of heavy leather shoes with metal spikes and leather flaps. Of course, these shoes can still be purchased for the traditionalist, but for the person serious about taking their game to the top level, staying up to date with the top advancements in golf shoes technology is a given.


When shopping for your next pair of golf shoes you will see that there are different ranges. As with anything else, the more money you are prepared to spend, the better quality shoe you will get. A top of the range shoe will give you all the best features available on the market.


Dominating the golf shoe market place are brands such as Adidas, Nike and Sturburt. Nike is obviously a power house in the game, sponsoring the likes of Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golfers of all time.


Top of the range shoes are made of fabrics which mould the shoe to the foot. Often only one piece of material is used to mould round the sensitive arc of the foot. High tech fabrics are also used to make the shoes super light weight and improve grip at the same time.

Basically the shoe is designed in a way so that it is the least invasive possible to your game.


A beginner level shoe can be purchased for as little as £30. Top of the range quality shoes will set you back in the region of £100.

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