Goldie looking fame

Maybe it's because it's short and low-cut, or perhaps because it's bright and glittery and can more easily catch the paparrazzi's eye in a crowd of D-listers. For whatever reason, French Connection's gold sequin mini-dress is a huge hit with celebs this summer, selling out in FC's up and down the land. Thank the fashion gods for the t'internet, eh?

TOWIE's Chloe wore the spangly number after her Essex rival Amy Child was papped in the number. Chloe told The Daily Mail, ‘The dress of the season? I'm glad I've got it right for a change! Amy and I aren't in competition with each other, so it didn't occur to me that I'd outdo her.'

While Brooke Vincent from Corrie told the paper, ‘The high street seems to be very bright and bold at the moment but I wanted something to feel more birthday and a bit more special. I love that I can get it out again for when the Christmas parties come around.'

If £165 is out of your price range, then head to Dorothy Perkins or Warehouse for cheaper copies, sorry, naughty us, we mean versions.

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