Winter Hot Tip – Golddigga Ladies Quilted Snow Boots

Golddigga is the word on the street, and we’re referring to the must-have, excellent Golddigga ladies, quilted snow boots, rather than the Kayne West song. The worst thing about a dingy British winter is feet like blocks of ice, while standing in relentless drizzle on an icy cold train platform.

Golddigga Style

With a pair of these bargain snow boots you’ll give your feet ‘bling’, without breaking the bank. All Golddigga apparel is made from only the finest materials, so you can be certain that you’ll stay high and dry on the street. The Golddigga policy is to help you keep a sassy edge and urban style without compromising on comfort and practicality.

Where to Wear

You don’t have to wait until you’re on the ski slopes to get some use out of these invaluable snow boots. With this winter’s trends moving toward relaxed street wear and sporty retro style, you can wear them every day.

How to Wear

For an evening outdoor party, team up these cheeky casual wear boots with some opaque, 70 denier tights and a brightly-coloured, contrasting mini. On top, a hoodie under one of the funky ‘Bhutan’ inspired ski jackets, topped off with a vivid, fleece beanie creates the perfect ensemble.

Daytime wear is with denim leggings or skinny jeans tucked in, with a gorgeous dress sweater over the top. For extra chic, pair up with a wide, or super skinny, leather waist belt.

Gear up and stay warm without compromising on style. Golddigga ladies quilted snow boots can be worn anywhere, and with almost anything

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