Add glitz and glamour with gold hair accessories

Whether you're off to work, a wine bar or a wedding, no outfit is complete without the right hair accessory. Gold hair accessories are a great choice for any outfit as, with the huge selection now available, you can add a plain gold conservative hair band or a clip with a big gold bow and feathers -- with gold, any look is possible.

Gold hair accessories are perfect for everyone from little kids up to your great-grandma and with so many options at a reasonable price, there's no limit on how many you can buy. Getting dolled up like a princess has never been cheaper.

Glitzysecrets.com has a huge array of gold (and silver!) hair accessories. Hair clips, combs, jewelled hair bands, even elegant tiaras if you want to look like Kate Middleton. Look for antique-style hair bands, gold-flowered hair slides, and Art Deco hair combs. Prices start at £12.00 -- at that price, you can buy several.

Glitz4Girlz.com stocks sets of gold bendies, gold claw clips, Alice bands, crystal hair slides and ornate flowered hair clips, just to name a few. Pick up a set of three gold hair bands for your niece or celebrate grandma's 80th birthday with a gorgeous Art Deco gold and pearl mini tiara.

Add a tiny gold hair slide to add just a touch more elegance to a chic hairstyle or sweep up your hair in a lavish top-knot and tie it all up with a huge gold flower.

Unlike the old adage, in this case all that glitters is gold and, boy, will you look beautiful wearing it.




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