Gok goes Tu Sainsbury's

Gok Wan has turned from TV stylist to supermarket designer to create a brand new collection for Sainsbury's, reveals the Daily Mail. The How To Look Good Naked presenter has come up with a 13 piece collection for the store's range Tu, that is designed to work miracles on the body with 'shape enhancing properties'.

According to the Mail the quality of the garments is surprisingly good, and this is something Gok insisted on from the start. He told the journos: 'I insisted on the quality. It's something I was passionate about - it had to be good. I wouldn't budge on that.'

He goes on to explain that although the collection is small, he has tried to focus on making it adaptable - something he has always seemed to have a flair for on his TV show. 'I made it very versatile,' Gok says. 'When you're going to produce so many thousands of one product, you want it to be as versatile as possible. People need to be able to wear it differently, put their own stamp on it.'

The collection will launch on October 6 in 200 Sainsbury's stores across the country.

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