Going retro with vintage skirts

For experts, fashion is recyclable. If you check out the latest fashion trends anywhere in the world, there’s proof to this premise. One of the retro get-ups that one can easily recycle is the skirt. It may be because you only have to pair the vintage skirts with modern tops and accessories to instantly create an ultramodern look.

If you wish to own a vintage skirt at a good price, you can visit www.vintage-clothes.eu. Be amazed with their various collections of vintage skirts. Some are from known designers such Dior and Prada! Their collection is composed of 1950s to 1990s vintage and collectible items from classic 70s Ossie Clarke and Laura Ashley. Assorted styles are available in this virtual shop. You can choose from Maxi, Miniskirt, Pencil Cut or Flowy styles. Wide variety of Printed or Denimis also available.

There’s also this unique shop that literally translates “old” and “recycled” into a very fashionable vintage wrap-around skirts. It’s the Vintage Skirt shop at Wiltshire WildlifeTrust. These wrap around skirts are usually made from 2 recycled Indian Saris, each with unique design. And not only that, the skirts are also individually themed. One skirt, for example, is called “Mother Earth”, while the other one is “Worldly”. There are also those that are labeled as “Intellect” and “Fearless”. You can own one of these items for as low as £14.99 and as much as £31.99. If this style fits you’re taste, you can check the items out at vintageskirt.co.uk and just like the shop’s shout out - you “wipe out waste”!

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