Going back in time with vintage denim shorts

Catherine Bach made them famous and Jessica Simpson brought them back to life. Now daisy dukes and other vintage denim shorts are everywhere. As today’s fashion trends are making clear, vintage clothing does not mean old and frumpy. If you are ready to show a little leg of your own, check out these shops for your own pair of hot pants.

True Vintage Denim Shorts

If you are on the lookout for some truly genuine denim vintage shorts, then Rokit.co.uk is the boutique for you. Their denim hot pants are custom made from recycled original vintage clothing and materials.

Brand names are not a problem with big names such as Diesel and Levis available in a wide range of sizes and styles. A pair of cut-off vintage Levis shorts is available for £20 whilst a pair of Rockies roll-up jeans shorts can be grabbed for £24.

New Vintage Denim Shorts

If you are loving the style and not too worried about authenticity, then these shops probably have what you are looking for.

The House of Fraser at Houseoffraser.co.uk is offering a pair of Bench Denim Equalizer Hot Pants on sale from £30 to £15 right now. The shorts have two front and back pockets with frayed hems and details, just like true vintage style.

When you are in the mood for some real nostalgia, Topshop.com serves it up right. For £30, you can enjoy a pair of Moto Vintage Wash High Waisted Denim Shorts. A frayed hem and five-pocket detail transform these shorts into vintage chic instantly.

Nothings says vintage like Cheap Monday Vintage Denim Shorts available at Asos.com, especially with a sale price of £18. A faded vintage style finish gives these jeans shorts their unique authentic look. Wear them with your favourite t-shirt or over a pair of black leggings for a smart chic look.

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