Glow your own way

Has your wardrobe been missing that little special something recently? Do you get dressed up for a night out and just wish your outfit could have a little more...oomph? Well then this might be the answer to your dreams - glow in the dark jeans.

We had no idea quite how badly we needed these until they appeared in our inbox. Created by Naked and Famous Denim, the jeans will be stocked by Barney's New York, retailing at a fairly hefty $240 - but, hey, you can't put a price on magic.

The 13oz indigo rope-dyed Japanese salvaged denim is covered in a phosphorescent coating that gives off a mega glow when the sun goes down, or under UV light. At this stage there is only one style to choose from, and it's a mens cut, but we've got our fingers crossed for more styles for both men and women. Imagine a pair of glow in the dark skinny jeans - there would be no need for office strip-lights ever again. So much more eco-friendly.

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