ideal gloves to ski with

What to look for in gloves to ski with

Ski gloves are a crucial component of your winter sports attire. So what should you be looking for when you’re choosing the right gloves to ski with? Ideally, the best ski gloves will combine a variety of factors.

It goes without saying they should be fashionable. How about practicality? There are many options out there, from gloves to mitts, so you’ll want to narrow your choice down to the one that suits. Finally, there are the technical considerations. Ski gloves come in many shapes and sizes, with varying fastening techniques, as well as the material they’re manufactured from.

Material for gloves to ski with

The convention for ski gloves is for a protective GoreTex type of outer layer, with a strong but flexible and comfortable inner lining. The greater the number of layers the more insulated you’ll be from the cold. At the same time too much protection equals less sensitivity, so the ideal ski gloves should strike a balance.

Some gloves come with extras, such as accessories for wiping goggles.

Where to buy ski gloves

SkiMania (www.skimania.co.uk) offer a range of ski equipment. Berghaus Polartec 100 Liner Gloves retail at £12. These are suitable for lining shell gloves to give added insulation. They can be worn on their own in less extreme weather. Liner gloves are perfect for après ski or for warmer days in the mountains.

Rip101 (www.rip101.com) offer many ski glove options, starting at around £10.

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