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Glamour.com's Phoebe Frangoul reports back on some of this week's party highlights for StyledLife:

Fashion Week's over, and the Christmas party season won't begin for another few weeks, but we still managed to find a couple of bashes last night, where London's fashionable and fabulous gathered to dance, mingle and check out each other's outfits.

First off was the launch of Agent Provocateur's new footwear line. Scantily clad AP girls offered canapés and champagne in the reception area of Dans La Noir in Clerkenwell. Anticipation grew as we were each allocated a coloured sticker and told to remove all items that reveal light - phones, watches etc. We were led into a pitch-black room by a guide and sat there for what seemed like ages. Then red lights flickered to reveal sultry models wearing the famous nipple tassels and AP getup.

They seduced us with their burlesque movements and we got an insight into what the shoe range is all about as the sultry voice of Samantha Morton dictated the ethos behind the shoes and the power and status they command. We didn't actually get to see much of the shoes but plenty of bum and boobs...

Meanwhile, the rest of the intrepid party posse headed to Maya, Soho's most glamorous new club, to celebrate the release of fashion writer extraordinaire Fleur Britten's new book, The Hedonist's Guide to Life. Louche modern day dandies mingled with girls in fab hats and Champagne and dangerously delicious Pussy cocktails were served.

The book is a collection of 75 essays from the likes of Camilla Morton, Queens of Noize (who lent their DJing skills to the party) and Moby on how to live wickedly and wonderfully. We spotted Kelly Osbourne and Jodie Harsh admiring Fleur's ice-skater-meets-dominatrix outfit but alas had to flee into the night before things got really interesting...

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