Glad to be rid of the fad

The eponymous creator of the CK brand and all-round fashion god Calvin Klein inspired a generation when his advert burst onto our tv screens in the nineties with denim clad, GAP-lookalike boho boys and girls, to announce the arrival of the CK One perfume which literally took the world by storm. Since selling his company in 2002, Calvin reveals that he is all too happy to have quit the industry of fads and fashions.

Having sold his enterprise for the tasty sum of £373 million, Klein comments on the impossible turn-over of people's tastes and the rate by which fashion trends expire, Vogue Online reports.

'They are over fast', he states. 'As soon as you see them, as soon as you see people wearing them, they are over. That's it. As soon as you see it on someone, forget it.'

No longer a key player in the multi-billion dollar designer label industry, Klein has seen his company recently enjoying some success with their advertising campaign featuring 'Star-trek' actress Zoe Saldana but since retiring, he acknowledges that he has had 'Inothing to do with any of it.'

Designer sour grapes?

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