Giselle is obviously a beauty with brains, with not only a hugely successful modelling career but several other savvy business investments under her belt. And today it was revealed that the Brazilian supermodel's combined wealth could make her the world's first billionaire model.

According to the wealth-detectors at Forbes magazine, Giselle is thought to have earned more than £152 million last year. Add to that annual salary the income from her recent business ventures and she is expected to enter the same league as billionaires Bernard Arnault (£25billion) and founder of highstreet store Zara, Amancio Ortega (worth £18.9billion).

We've got to confess we really had no idea quite how big Giselle's empire is. Sure, we've seen the major campaigns for Versace and her recent H&M billboards, but she also has her own flip flop range, lingerie collection, beauty line, C&A fashion label and a collection of real estate including three homes and (of course) a hotel.

Now that's what we call a SUPER model.

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