Top model Gisele Bundchen is pregnant with her second child

Have you heard the latest buzz about Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen? The fabulous Gisele Bundchen is pregnant with her second child. Us magazine leaked the news early this month. Bundchen and Tom Brady, a quarterback of the New England Patriots, are reportedly ecstatic with the event. Married for three years, the union produced a son named Benjamin who is now 2 years old. Gisele is expected to have the baby during the last quarter of the year.

Many are wondering if Gisele will continue to inspire followers with her fashionable style. The answer is easy. She was recently photographed leaving the airport in Rio de Janeiro sporting black jeans, a grey T-shirt and a black Rick Owens jacket. And, those were not the only things captured on camera. The stunning model is also showing nicely with a small baby bump. Bundchen was also seen wearing killer wedges booties from the Matt Bernson collection. It does not look like she is giving up her fashionable style any time soon. With that amazing body, she can get away with it just like Jessica Simpson and Beyoncé did when they were pregnant. Both celebrities wore heels and stylish clothes throughout their pregnancies.

The highly paid supermodel turned businesswoman is still working, actively promoting her lingerie line. Forbes magazine recently named Bundchen as the 'world’s highest paying model' raking in £28 million in 2011. Husband Brady is not so shabby either when he signed a 4-year deal with his team worth £46 million. For these two who will be parents for the second time, there will be no problems providing for their kids in comfort and style.

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