Girls Trespass Angie ski jacket on sale!

The girls Trespass Angie ski jacket is hugely popular with girls today. These are stylish water proof, wind proof and snow proof jackets. They are the perfect way to get your little ones wearing protective gear on your winter holidays.

It is a completely waterproof ski jacket that is perfect for winter activities. They will ensure that the girls stay dry and warm even in harsh climates.

Thanks to it's Tres-tex waterproof fabric this jacket is waterproof to the level of professional ski jackets. Thanks to the padding with Coldheat insulation and the microfleece lining you can be safe in the knowledge that your child will stay warm.

They even come with the favourite faux fur hood that is detachable. They are also available in lots of different styles so you are sure to find something that suits your child's taste.

There are lots of people supplying these jackets online but we have found the skimania.co.uk website to be the best of the bunch. The jackets normally retail at £50 but thanks to the UK's leading ski providers you can get them for as little as £25.99! That is pretty much a full 50% saving, you really can't argue with that!

Is it any wonder why the girls Trespass Angie ski jacket is so popular? Protective and fashionable in one package, that's what sells this beautiful jacket. Ski Mania have a huge range on offer so be sure to hit up the website and see if they have something for you.

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