What does the colour of your girls party dress say about you?

A girls party dress not only comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, but in lots of vibrant colours too and which one you choose can speak volumes about your personality and passions. Read on to find out what which hue says about you.

  • White - Typical white lovers are logical and organised and are fairly minimalistic. They like to get things done on time, every time.
  • Pink - Pink means you’re calm and sensitive and care about people’s feelings. You don’t like confrontation and are overall sympathetic and compassionate.
  • Yellow - If you’re favourite colour is yellow, you’re most likely to be creative and artistic. You’re incredibly sociable and have a dramatic sense of imagination.
  • Green - If you’ve picked green, you are probably affectionate, loyal and honest. You care what other people think and take great pride in your reputation. You’re emotional and caring and kind to those around you.
  • Blue - If you chose blue, you’re likely to be a capable, reliable and sensitive person who loves harmony. You always go out of your way to think of others first.
  • Red - You’ll be a dynamic, energetic sort of a person who’s optimistic and loves being the centre of attention. You’re tenacious and determined in everything that you do.
  • Black - You’re probably artistic and sensitive and slightly extrovert. That said, you’re careful about who you share your feelings with and don’t give too much away all at once.
  • Brown - Brown lovers feel at one with the earth and everything which is natural.


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