Girls Aloud Kimberley shares our denim pain

Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh might just be the best girl since sliced bread. Not only is she clever (she acts as Company Secretary to GA, doncha know), sensible and gorgeous, she has also admitted the unspoken dirty secret of shopping; buying jeans is a hideous trial, which often culminates in tears, futile promises to diet, and the inevitable purchase of never-to-be-worn unflattering bootleg jeans. Or perhaps that's just us...

Lovely, gravel-voiced Kimberley told Holly Willoughby on This Morning,'I’ve been known to shed a few tears at times [when buying jeans] it’s quite distressing! You think if your usual don’t fit you then you think ‘that’s no good – I’ve obviously put on weight’ but it’s not necessarily, it might just be the wrong cut. I just end up in the changing rooms with twenty pairs of jeans on the floor feeling thoroughly depressed.'

Twenty pais of jeans? We're only allowed to take in seven at a time. Not fair! Breaking changing room policy aside, we love you Kimbers.

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