Girlfriend in a Koma

Remember that quite cool but slightly peculiar dress that Cheryl Cole wore on the X Factor in 2009? The one that seemed to resemble two car tyres strapped to her chest? Well the creator of the little number, David Koma, is set to launch his first high street collection for Topshop, writes Vogue.

A relative newcomer to the fashion big-time, Koma shot to fame in 2007 when he won the Central Saint Martins Best Womenswear Collection. Since then his designs have been worn by stars including Beyonce and, of course, Ms. Cole. His new collection for Topshop puts him firmly into the mainstream, but that certainly doesn't mean any scrimping on quality, says the store's senior buyer, Rachel Proud: 'It was important for the collection to stay true to the luxe element of his work, and to do this we needed to use premium fabrics and his signature shapes and metalwork. Fans of David's work will not be disappointed.'

The collection will be strictly limited - there are just five designs, and only 30 pieces of each dress available. We love the look of all of them, but when the range launches on February 18th our predatory sights will be firmly fixed on the metal tube halter neck dress - a guaranteed head turner if ever we saw one. See the collection here.

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