Giorgio Armani's Mini Me capsule collection 2013-2014 F/W

Many women will deny that they like to dress their little girls like smaller versions of themselves, but mini me collections are appearing more and more often inside adult fashion labels and brands.

Not one to miss out on the demand of parents, and the fact that childrenswear is such an important segment in the fashion world, Giorgio Armani will also be launching a mother and daughter capsule collection, just like Spanish retailer Mango and British high fashion label Burberry.

Naturally the collection is unoriginally named Mini Me, and will be part of the Armani Junior line, for this 2013-2014 Fall and Winter season, that King Giorgio has decided to dedicate to fashionable mothers and also their fashionable daughters.

Armani’s Mini Me collection has transformed pint-sized versions of several selected and inspired adult looks from their Emporio Armani Women 2013-2014 Fall and Winter collection into childrens' sizes.

The capsule collection contains elegant coats, wool jackets, but also leather jackets, several dresses, shorts (they are a must this fall), checked pants, beautiful pleated skirts, even skirt pants and also casual hoodies, and they’ve also added some smashing accessories, including matching black patent flat heeled laced up shoes.

The Armani Mini Me features eight different looks that revolves around about twenty different items as we said from Emporio Armani Womens collection to choose from, and are proposed in hues of grey, powder pink and classic black.

Original and chic, as Giorgio Armani’s clothes are usually are , the collection doesn’t dress your 'mini you' like an adult fashion victim, and you like a little girl or teenager, as all the pieces in the collection are sober and extremely elegant, Armani style.

The clothes are all made in Italy, which is guarantee on the quality, and the Mini Me collection will be available in Armani flagship stores and Armani Junior corners, starting from September.

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