Giorgio Armani, spring / summer 2010

An atmospheric and visually sublime runway show accompanied Giorgio Armani's spring/summer 2010 collection at Milan Fashion Week. Cobalt blue, green or grey Aladdin trousers were teamed with cropped suit jackets in a show which was all about matching differing textual styles in the same outfit for an uber-relaxed feel; sturdy top half, flowy bottom. Exquisitely tailored plunge neck shirts in jade green and navy blue teamed with mini-tulip or pencil skirts stuck truer to classic Armani elegance, while ballerinas teamed with colourful shift dresses gave the collection an eminently 'wearable' feel.

Colours were bold, stylish and blocked. A chocolate ruched mini teamed with divine one shoulder red floaty top grabbed our attention as did a stunning silver waistcoat and silver pleated shorts combo. Evening mini-dresses in dark, glittery silver with brown waist band also earned applause on the runway.

It's great to see a runway show which consists of items you could actually see yourself wearing. Bravo Giorgio!

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