Giles Deacon's got polish

British fashion designer Giles Deacon has never been afraid of a collaboration with the good ol' high street. Some big names are a little snooty about putting their signature on anything that sells for less than a million quid, but not our Giles. He's had a happy relationship with New Look for a few years now, and has revealed that his latest offering is a range of nail polish. Ooh, cheap as chips!

Giles told Grazia magazine, 'The nail colours are really gorgeous…they’re across the board some [neutral] colours, some brights, I like that it’s a bit younger in parts but [then also] to be used a bit more minimally.'

An when asked what his favourite colours from the collection were (yes, we know - deep) he answered, 'I really like the lilac colour, and then also there’s this Germolene pink that I always love, and [some] deep burgundy colours and a gold. You’re getting a good cross-section – not too classic, but quite fashion, and definitely things you’re going to get noticed with. And as ever with everything we do, hopefully they’re statement pieces; conversational pieces!'

We. want. now.

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