Cheap GHD straightener deals

Over the last 10 years the GHD hair straightening iron has become the must have hair styling accessory. It innovative design which uses ceramic plates to straighten both dry and wet hair means that GHD units are extremely reliable.

Buying a GHD can be expensive but if you use our guide to the best online deals you can bag yourself a brilliant bargain.

Top of the pops is Amazon.com, its special offer price for a GHD classic straightening iron is only £84. This was the best price we could find online and we think its hard to beat.

Just behind Amazon is two of our favourite beauty and cosmetics sites. Both Strawberrynet.Com and Beautybay.com are selling the classic GHD straightener for only £92. While this is a little bit more expensive that Amazon this price is available all year round and both sites do have discounts for large orders.

SalonLines.co.uk, the website that specialises in delivering salon quality products into the home, was best value for the deluxe GHD models. Envy units that come in an amazing range of stylish colours were only £114.95 including a carry case. Postage and packaging is extra but there are many postage options available.

With each of the sites that we recommended you can be sure of getting a genuine GHD hair iron. All genuine GHD models come with a unique serial number that can be referenced on GHD's own website and a hologram on the AC power unit.

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