Online GHD hair straightener guide

Over 10 years ago the GHD (Good Hair Day!) company introduced the GHD hair straightener and made sure that good hair days were within every girl (and some boys) control.

A GHD hair straightener can be costly but online retailers represent your best chance at a great value deal. There are some fantastic prices on websites like eBay but GHD themselves have warned about the massive numbers of fake units that are being sold online so we chose websites that have amazing prices and were trusted online retailers.

Amazon.com is the first site in our list of recommendations. You can find the GHD classic straightening iron for only £84. This was the lowest price that we could find on any of our trusted sites and we don't think this price and the Amazon guarantee of quality can be beaten.

Strawberrynet.Com and Beautybay.com are joint 2nd in our list. Both have the basic GHD model for only £92. This great online price is available all year round but doesn't not include postage and packaging which could cost as much as £10 extra depending on where in the UK you live.

SalonLines.co.uk is the final site in our list. They had the best prices for the coloured "Envy" Units which give the same GHD quality in stylish and funky colours including Passion red and Neon Blue for £114.95.

If you look after your GHD there is no reason why you wont have it in 10 years time. We still have our trusty GHD from over 10 years ago and we feel its an investment in style every girl should make.

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