Getting into Paxman's smalls: the great British debate

The debate is still raging.
Nothing has united / divided a nation in such a way since, well quite frankly, Winston Churchill. Everyone has an opinion on it and everyone wants to share their thoughts on the subject.

It's the Great National Debate on the Degenerating Quality of M&S Underwear.

Fuelled by none other than Jeremy Paxman, who recently sent a complaint to the M&S Chief Exec, smalls are well and truly in the spotlight.

What we want to know is - what do you think of M&S undies nowin comparison to say, five years ago? We have to admit that the fit of their ladies underwear (and we're talking bras here to, not just knickers) seem to have changed somewhat. Material quality feels lower and the fit not quite as good.

That said, we have eaten too many mince pies recently so blaming M&S underwear tailoring when it may well be our own glutonous fault could be somewhat unfair.

M&S undies are a national institution, there should be a government steering committee set up to protect the quality of this most precious national gem.

In case you're interested, we also found out that Jeremy Paxman is on Bebo.

(Image: YouTube)

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