Get them hiking in new children's walking boots

The great outdoors is ideal for small children. Introduce them to the rigours and rewards of hiking and country walks by kitting them out with a brand new pair of children's walking boots.

The Karrimor Boulder children's walking boots are lightweight multi-purpose boots that are comfortable and hard-wearing. They have a padded textile lining and cushioned EVA mid-sole, with a tough rubber outsole for comfort and grip on rough surfaces. Sports Direct (sportsdirect.com) sell them at a bargain online exclusive price of £16.

The Hi Tec Monsoon Trail walking boot comes in waterproof synthetic suede upper with a moisture wicking lining so that feet don't overheat. The boots are built for comfort and support, with a tough hiking outsole for traction. They are available in beige, navy, or bright red. Outdoor Action (www.outdooraction.co.uk) have them at £19.95.

The Oscar Kids Walking Boots are comfortable soft suede boots with a padded ankle, a mesh tongue and a hard-wearing outsole. They are ideal for hikes or just those wintry walks to school on icy days. Mountain Warehouse (mountainwarehouse.com) has them in discreet navy or bright pink at £16.99.

Thalia walking boots are guaranteed to keep their little feet dry, even on the longest hikes. They are made from Isodry fabric with a suede upper and rubber outsole. They are suited to everyday wear, but these boots only come in pink, which shouldn't be a problem for most small girls. These children's walking boots are available from Mountain Warehouse at a great price of just £12.99

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