Get the lowdown on fancy dress shops in Leeds

For any kind of celebration be it a birthday, Christmas or New Year it is great fun to dress in fancy costume. Who do you want to be? From pirate to police, animals to superheroes and many characters from favourite film and television series, you can pick anyone. With so many choices, you need a supplier who can offer a wide selection. For fancy dress shops in Leeds look no further than http://www.sandroy.co.uk/.

Located 74 Crossgates Road, Leeds, or call on 0113 232 8123, they have a costumes and accessories for all occasions and for kids as well as adults. Adult uniforms range from £19.99 for a French maid’s outfit to £36.89 for a policeman’s outfit.

For the kids, they could be a Caribbean Pirate for £19.99 or Cinderella for £24.99.

Wigs, false beards and face masks, novelties and jokes are also available. If you need to hire an outfit, of all the fancy dress shops in Leeds, this is the place to visit. They offer a staggering range of 3000 costumes and are open 7 days a week.

As an alternative choice for fancy dress shops in Leeds you could pay a visit to http://www.thefancydressexperience.co.uk/ located at 88 Otley Road, Leeds or call them on 0113 230 4700. They have every character and costume you can imagine. You can be a caveman or cavewoman for £19.99, a scrubs surgeon for £18.99 or a naughty nurse for £17.99.

Dress from the eras of disco fever, swinging 60’s or rock’n roll 1950’s if you love the musical themes. Or maybe you fancy being a deluxe gorilla for  £129.99 or maybe a penguin at just £29.99 if animals are your kind of thing. The choice of costumes available from this example of fancy dress shops in Leeds will satisfy even the most hard to please customer. For full details about their costume hire simply phone them on the number provided. Party On!

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