Get the girls screaming again with Bay City Rollers fancy dress costumes

The seventies is a decade known for the rise of pop culture. Music was the soul of man. There were hundreds of genres that were born in the area and it all meshed well together. It also inspired and unleashed the creativity of how people dressed. Their fashion statement reflected the type of music they listened to.

Take a trip down memory lane and embody the teen sensations of Edinburgh’s quirky style. There are online shops that have Bay City Rollers fancy dress costumes. Without a shadow of doubt, the Bay City Rollers were one of the most iconic bands during the 70’s. They were also known for their distinct style, bell bottom trousers and shirts trimmed with tartan matched with tartan scarves and white trainers.

If you want to don this look, you can visit www.joke.co.uk. They have a white double-breasted jacket and flared trousers with tartan collars and cuffs. It also comes with a matching scarf and retails for £114.99. However, if you are on a steeper budget you can go to www.shop4fancydress.com. They have Bay City Rollers fancy dress costumes for hire and it only costs £25.00.

There are also various online sellers on ebay.co.uk that offer pre-loved Bay City roller fancy dress shirts that are still in good condition and you can get them for as low as £16.99 plus shipping fee of £2.25. There are also retailers that sell Bay City Rollers fancy costumes for women. It is important that you check the site immediately as their stocks usually sell out fast. Check out www.props-n-frocks.co.uk’s wide choice of 1970’s wigs and accessories for a more retro feel.

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