Get the Chezza look

If you've always wanted to dress like Chezza but you don't have a contact book of major designers or a few million quid in the bank, fear not - there is a solution. The nation's sweetheart is proving just how sweet she can be by donating a number of her dresses to a charity auction.

Cheryl will be selling 20 of her favourite dresses in aid of her new charity The Cheryl Cole Foundation, set up in conjunction with the Prince's Trust. The clothes will be available on ASOS marketplace, sold according to the lowest unique bid which means there is a chance us ordinary folk could actually get our hands on something, rather than a billionaire businessman.

Cheryl explained: 'The clothes auction came about because I knew auctioning clothes would make some money for the charity but also I'm lucky enough to own some amazing clothes which I know would be very beneficial to someone else.' The clothes will be available on ASOS.com from June 13 for two weeks.

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