Get comfy in your Nudie Slim Jim jeans

Donning on a pair of Nudie Slim Jim Jeans is hot right now. They are trendy, sturdy, and age beautifully as you wear them.

Nudie Co which is a Swedish manufacturer established this brand in 2001 with the vision of manufacturing hard-wearing trousers that are stylish and comfortable. Working with a selected number of partners to sew and make organic fabrics into jeans, the company today distributes denims to retailers across the world.

Shop.nudiejeans.com is the ideal place to browse for Nudie Slim Jim Jeans. You can pinpoint physical shops nearest to your location with its store finder. The company website showcases all the types of jeans that it sells from Slim Jim Jeans, Average Joe, Hank Rey, and Fast Freddy to Tube Kelly, High Kai, and Sharp Bengt.

Pick up a Slim Jim Glacier Indigo Jeans for £122. Produced in Italy from a lightweight fabric, it has a solid but smooth finish. The orange threaded seams and copper trims are characteristics of Nudie Jeans.

Try the electric blue Slim Jim Organic Dark Heps. Priced at £131, you can't go wrong with this pair that is sewn to perfection from the deep 'red cast' to the orange trims all over. They are ideal for a casual yet chic attire.

Asos (asos.com) sells Nudie Slim Jim Jeans for £85 a pair. Made from natural cotton, these denims are comfortable to wear for any occasion. They look great on any tops or shoes. Finished with red in seams, straight fit, and a zip fly, these trousers look great on any figure. Sizes are from 79 to 81 cm.

Check out the Fall Collection 2011 at Revolve Clothing (revolveclothing.com) and get hooked on a Nudie Slim Jim Jeans in Used Black Twill for £141. These pants are available in black and carbon with a 16" leg opening for maximum ease.

Start your love affair now with a pair of Nudie Slim Jim Jeans and begin enjoying its comfort, stylishness and durability for all the years to come. Ageless and timeless, these trousers are worth wearing for keeps.

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