Get cape, wear cape, buy!

There’s a new winter trend coming our way and it’s got celeb-appeal written all over it. Yes folks, the humble cape is back and looking more glam than ever

Formerly favoured mainly by witches, superheroes and Victorian schoolmistresses, capes have flown (sorry, couldn’t resist) to the top of every a-listers wish list this year, with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Katherine Jenkins and Stella McCartney all opting for the look.

According to the Daily Mail Posh Spice’s new favourite cape is a black Giambattista Valli number, which she pairs with a giant pair of shades – natch. High street chains including Zara and Marks & Spencer have all caught on to the trend so there’s a cape for every budget. If you do decide to go for this look we recommend getting some long, thick gloves to cover the arms – capes may be chic, but in this freezing weather they may not be the warmest of clothing.

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