German Sandals – Birkenstock is the best brand

German sandals or Birkenstock shoes have provided over two hundred years of comfort to people across the world. They originated from a small village in Germany where a local shoemaker started making this shoe.

Birkenstocks are not only a very stylish but they are also extremely comfortable so your feet look and feel great, in fact the more you wear them the more comfortable these shoes become! There are a wide selection of colours and styles made from a range of materials so you are bound to find your perfect shoe, in the Birkenstock range!

If you fancy some classic shoes have a look at their classic section where you can find shoes in softer, warmer tones to compliment any outfit. These shoes are specifically designed for comfort and are made from a variety of materials so you are guaranteed to look good and feel amazing. These shoes range in prices but you can pick up a pair from as little as £44.95.

You could buy some great summer shoes in the birki’s range where you will find an array of summer patterns perfect for strolling down to the beach in! The Birki's range includes footwear in some great cork styles so when you have them on, everyone will be looking at your feet! You could pick up a pair of shoes from this great range from as little as £32.95!!

If you want your kids to have that trendy look, in a comfortable pair of shoes then you’re in luck – Birkenstock do shoes for kids!  Just log online now and look at the catalogue to see just how fab these shoes are – once you buy your first pair you will realise just how amazing these shoes really are!

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