Georgia May Jagger 'will rule the world'

Say what you like about Mick Jagger's music and his morals, but it cannot be denied that his children are, without exception, ridiculously hot. How does he do it? We guess only breeding with models is an elitist but fail-safe method to produce beautiful babies.

The latest jaw-droppingly gorgeous Jagger, straight off the 'made to model' conveyor belt is Georgia May, who has recently made a splash at St Tropez, starring in Chanel's collections, and looking like a Bardot for the recession era. Rumours abounded that Georgia was grounded by her parents for her penchant for partying, but Jerry sets the record straight, 'It's all lies. She gets straight As and is a very grounded and level-headed girl. She's just being stereotyped. She can get upset about rumors like that but I just tell her to forget about it. Listen, Georgia May is going to rule the world one day, I have no doubt about that.'

Rule the world, or star in a 'Monsoon' advert like every one of her siblings? It's all the same to us...

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