Shop George at Asda children's shoes

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find shoes that will please kids, toddlers and even older children. However, when you take a look at George at Asda children’s shoes, you'll see why their footwear might please young children. They are stylish and appealing even the most finicky of children will love this amazing collection.

Collection of shoes

George at Asda children's shoes has a great selection of shoes that your kids will surely love. The collection includes shoes for infants, little tots and young kids. Here are samples of what they have for your beloved youngsters.

  • Girls

From metallic hi-tops and chambray trainers to canvas and denim ballet shoes, there is a lovely collection of footwear for kids of all ages. Take the Minnie Mouse Hi-Tops selling for £12. It has glitter, triple hook and Velcro fastening. This pair is perfect for infants. Sizes 4-9 are available. Little girls will also love the Diamante Canvas Trainers. The pair sells for £6.

  • Boys

Boys will love fun footwear such as Batman Hi-Tops (£10), Suede Hi-Tops (£12) and Sporty Trainers (£12). For casual outings, your boys can wear the Laceless Canvas Trainers (£5) which are great for outdoor activities. There are also Nerf Trainers (£12.50) and Colour Block Hi-Tops (£12) in delightful colours and practical accents such as loop tape and secure laces for little boys. A day at the beach or during rainy days won’t be complete unless you have the right wellies. Boys will love Sonic the Hedgehog Wellington Boots for £9. You can also prepare the men in your life with a nice pair of Camouflage Snow Boots or Camouflage Panel Hi-Tops.

Footwear for all seasons

George at Asda children’s shoes has a great range of footwear for boys and girls. These shoes are stylish and designed with children’s feet in mind. Moreover, these shoes are durable and sturdy to keep up with active lifestyles of young or older children. Above all, parents will find these shoes affordable and inexpensive.

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