Gaultier babywear

Has Jean Paul-Gaultier, the designer who put Madonna in a conical bra and Marilyn Manson in all manner of peculiar outfits, gone soft on us? It was announced today that the former enfant terrible of fashion is launching a line of babywear called Gaultier Bebe.

Aimed at children up to two years old, Vogue reports that the collection will feature knitted dungarees, sailor shirt and bodysuits. All created in the unmistakable Gaultier colour scheme of red, white and blue.

In truth, it's a logical step for the designer, who already has a line of childrenswear called Junior Gaultier. And really, babies these days can look awfully scruffy so we should be celebrating this new addition to the Gaultier brand. You're never too young for couture, dahhling.

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