Gatwick Gets Glamorous

Do you remember the golden days of air travel? When air hostesses ruled the earth and champagne rivers flowed through the members lounge? No, us neither. But according to the Daily Mail, Gatwick Airport is offering passengers the chance to regain some of that lost glamour with its very own Gatwick Fashion Week. Sceptics may argue that an airport is hardly the place for a bit of couture, particularly given that you can’t even wear a belt through security, but this is to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, so let’s cut it some slack.

Lily Cole helped launch the event today, with thousands of passengers gathered to watch her announce the winners of a nationwide modelling contest. Over the coming weekend weary travellers will have the chance to be styled by Kirsty Drury using clothes from the airport’s fashion retailers (we assume you don’t get to keep them) with makeover help from MAC make up artists, GHD hair experts and Boots No7 manicurists. We didn’t have a holiday planned, but perhaps a last minute getaway isn’t such a bad idea…

Gatwick Fashion Week runs until Sunday 8 August.

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