GAP unveils a new logo

In a strange moment of super-vague rebranding, GAP has come up with a new logo but no body seems too sure if it's here to stay. The Daily Mail reports that the new design was introduced as part of a modernisation campaign by the American retailer earlier this week. It features on the brand's online store, but has yet to appear on its Facebook or Twitter profiles, or indeed in any of its stores.

According to the Daily Mail a GAP spokesperson said: 'The new logo was introduced on Monday without a launch. It will be online and in holiday campaigns in North America and is part of Gap's new evoultion.We will continue to see how it progresses and are open to customer feedback but it's too early to tell if the logo will remain.'

Twitterers have responded overwhelmingly against the new design, calling it 'bland', ugly' and 'an utter failure'. We think it looks like it belongs to an investment bank, or perhaps a kitchen appliance company. What do you think?

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