GAP spring - summer 2014: the new collection for women by Rebekka Bay

The biggest all-American fashion brand has finally unveiled its Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Let's give a warm welcome to Gap's new creative director Rebekka Bay, for whom this SS 2014 is the first in her new role.

Curious? Yes of course, we all are – and add to that the fact that the advertising campaign for the SS14 season is ripe with fresh new talents and you have the ultimate recipe for success.

Indeed, Gap's new Spring-Summer campaign features a rose of rising stars which includes singer-songwriters Birdy and Anna Calbi, actress Julia Garner and photographer Lina Scheynius, and was shot by David Sims. All the young talented artists have been photographed wearing the brand's basic and most characteristic wardrobe staples. They all look extremely cool and authentic, with the selected looks perfectly matching them, like their favourite, well lived-in clothes.

But what's new in the new collection?

Gap is famous world wide for its relaxed, casual but classy style and Rebekka Bay is bringing into it her taste for the modern minimalist look. The result? A refreshing and super cool collection that plays on all the real Gap icons and revisits them in the trendiest possible way.

Indeed, the new Gap SS14 lookbook is a little prettier, more feminine than usual and with a touch more couture. But be reassured: it's still all about enjoying life and being positive, real benchmarks of the true Gap look.

This collection will make you jump into the warm season with style: it is a line up of seriously cool stripes and floral prints, mashed in trendy looks. The jeans all take a acid wash look, nice and fresh: with an extra feminine touch, but still cosy and busting confidence.

PHOTO GALLERY GAP Spring - Summer 2014 collection overview

Another protagonist of Gap's SS14 season is the light denim dress, minimalist and based on the classic boyfriend shirt cut, just enriched with more feminine textures and effortless chic.


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