Gap Launches Online Store

Gap took a giant leap into cyberspace on Friday with the launch of its first e-commerce site gap.eu

It seems almost incomprehensible these days that a fashion giant such as Gap wouldn’t already be selling its wares online but perhaps the bosses wanted to be absolutely certain that this ‘world wide web’ thing wasn’t just a passing fad before they committed to themselves to an entire domain.

Anyway, whatever the reasons for the delay, let us rejoice that we can now purchase those Gap wardrobe essentials from the comfort of our own living rooms.Grazia online lists this season’s must-haves as the nude leather skirt (£129), the cropped tailored black trousers (£45), the grey cashmere T shirt (£55), and the black tuxedo jacket, (£59).

The clothing retailer also launched sites for its sister company Banana Republic. Other high-street labels quick to follow suit will be Zara, which launches an online shop on 2 September, and H&M, due to launch on 16 September.

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