Game, set, FASHION

When Maria Sharapova, Russia's top Wimbledon competitor, stated that she wanted to cross over into fashion, many would naturally have assumed that being tall, slim and possessing legs of an unquantifiable length, that she wanted to add 'modelling' as a string to her bow/racket.

However, Sharapova was already seeking advice from Vogue's very own Editor Anna Wintour before fashion commentators the world over were setting the blogosphere alight with questions about which house she would model for.

Wintour, who, devotees in the industry have said enjoys a game of tennis before work every day, was more than happy to offer Sharapova some resonating words of wisdom, Vogue UK reveals.

''Be careful',' she remembers Wintour - who [...] is an ardent supporter of tennis champion Roger Federer - told her. 'If you end up failing, you won't have many more chances.''

Despite being one of the highest paid athletes in the world, due mainly to sponsorship deals for a staggeringly wide range of merchandise, Sharapova actively sought to win over Nike with her vision for a new kind of sportswear.

''When I was younger, Nike would put me in the same clothes as maybe ten other girls in the tour. I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red'', she proudly claims.

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