Galliano leaves rehab

John Galliano emerged from his month in rehab yesterday, looking very sober in a dark suit, sunglasses and hat. Reporters in Los Angeles heckled him as he walked through LAX airport, with one paparazzi shouting 'racist' at him, whilst another asked the former Dior star: 'Would you have done anything differently if you were on the Christian Dior board?'

Meanwhile, Galliano's accuser has spoken out in defence of the designer, claiming it was 'a simple bar dispute'. Philipe Virgitti and his girlfriend Geraldine Bloch accused Galliano of using anti-semitic language against them but Virgitti has elaborated on his claims, stating: 'We were having a beer when he sat beside us. He got aggressive, turned to my friend and said 'Your voice is annoying me, you're speaking too loudly'.

When asked if Galliano had used anti-semitic insults he replied: "Yes, although I'm not convinced now that he really meant them. I don't think he is racist or anti-Semitic. I just think he's very ill. John Galliano does not deserve this, I would like Mr Galliano to benefit from this unhappy story by drinking a little less and getting back to making the dresses and shows that he did so well.'

Galliano has denied the claims against him but is facing prosecution from the French police.

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