Galliano is sacked

Day three of Gallianogate has taken a dramatic turn with the news that Dior has sacked Galliano, just days before the label is set to show at Paris Fashion Week.

The fashion house said it has a ‘zero-tolerance’ attitude towards anti-Semitism, and issued a statement saying: ‘Because of the particularly odious character of the behaviour and comments made by John Galliano in a video made public on Monday, the Dior house decided to suspend him immediately and has engaged in a process to dismiss him’

The news comes as little surprise to many, as pressure seemed to be mounting on the label to act after the Sun revealed video footage of Galliano appearing to say ‘I love Hitler’. Natalie Portman, who is a spokesperson for Dior, said today that she is ‘deeply shocked and disgusted’ and would not be ‘associated with Mr Galliano in any way’.

Now all eyes are on fashion’s big names to see who will take on the role of Dior’s Head Designer.

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