Gaga's eccentric Berlin garb

She's undoubtedly one of THE music stars of the moment, but apart from pop domination Lady Gaga is also one of hell of a dedicated follower to eccentric fashion. Take Gaga's recent trip to Berlin for example...

Check out pics of ze crazy garb.

From her arrival at Berlin airport Lady Gaga's look was true to her on stage persona. A black leather cap teamed with a butterfly motif top from the Jasmine Di Milo 2009 Fall collection. Gaga's trusty - and gorgeous - Studded Satchel by Yves St Laurent completed the 'I'm a Celebrity Now Take A Picture of Me' look.

For the Monster Beats party organised by Dr Dre, Lady Gaga popped on a fabulous black and white Marc Jacobs dress with stunning pink sock-boots complete with matching rose. ('Out there' but we like.)

For the IFA Consumer Electronics show, Gaga wore the most wearable outfit of her trip (for mere mortals that is); a bustier dress with with black lace veil and gloves, and all important, 'retro hair' from the Parisian stlyeguru, Maison Michel.

Bonkers and not afraid who knows it, top marks Gaga!

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