Gaga's Christmas workshop

Lady Gaga is not one to unknowingly turn down a commercial opportunity, so it's no surprise that the first lady of pop and fashion has teamed up with Barneys in New York to set up a Christmas pop-up store. The shop will feature Gaga's favourite objects, no doubt in a highly stylised grotto. Gaga will also be working with her stylist Nicola Formichetti to create one-off personalised gifts. Just the thing for gift buying for those tricky relatives that you usually fob off with a wilting bunch of flowers from the garage forecourt.

Mark Lee, head of Barney's told Vogue, 'Holiday is about joy, sharing and inclusiveness, and to me, Gaga really represents all of that. Her platform is so much about positivity, individuality and universality in a very today way. There are a lot of things for fans of all ages, for kids and kids at heart. I think our existing and new customers will find fun things to share and give as gifts in a lighthearted and not so serious way.'

The Gaga workshop will be made up of books, CDs, toys and accessories, all chosen with loving care by Lady G. Knowing the singer's penchant for underground style and fashion, we're hoping that the price range won't be extravagantly high. The pop-up store will be open from mid November (none of that Christmas shop in July nonsense for the singer) until January, at Barneys in New York. Another reason to book that shopping trip to the big apple...

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